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Located at 569-34, Sinpyung-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, consisting of two plants - the first plant (completed on 28 November, 1987), the second (completed on 6 December, 1989). We started tuna processing and have now entered into new fields such as freezing, refrigeration and fish processing. We are making efforts to store tuna in ultra low freezer coolstores. Additionally, we have subsidized students for 32 years as a contribution to community and a profit return scheme.
Classification Contents
Completion Date 01st Factory: 1987.11.28
02st Factory : 1989.12.06
Plottage Area 9,310㎡
Building Area 7,117.17㎡
Total Area 29,505.99㎡
scale B1 to 7F
Production capacity Bread crumbs: 1.8MT/Hour
Cold, refrigeration capacity 12,000MT,
Processing Ability 15Ton/Day
Ultra-cold capacity 3,200MT
Refrigerant Freon Gas
Production Bread Crumbs Products, Fisheries frozen foods
- Apply high and strict standard to product quality and hygienic condition of suppliers ’processing factories.
- Use raw materials caught by Dong Won vessels in uncontaminated deep sea.
- Use quick freezing and distribute products under -18℃ in order to guarantee taste, freshness, and nutrients.
- Deliver real taste of seafood to consumers.
- Main Products: Breaded Hoki, processed seafood for food service, frozen ready to cook products.
- Location : Shin-pyeong Dong, Busan
- Bread crumbs production.
- Tuna Processing.
- Freezer and refrigerator Business.
- Frozen seafood processing.
- Acquired HACCP certificate