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ㆍ1970. 5. 5. Established Dong Won Fisheries Co., Ltd.
ㆍ1970. 8. 8. Established a local branch in Las palmas, Spain
ㆍ1979.11.30. Received Export Industry Award (President Delegate No. 4881)
ㆍ1984. 2.10. Received Moktyeonjang (Medal No. 1918)
ㆍ1985. 7. 1. Established overseas branch in Nelson, New Zealand
ㆍ1987.11.28. Completed the First Freezing plant in Busan
ㆍ1989.12. 6. Completed the Second Freezing plant in Busan
ㆍ1990. 9.12. Established Wei-Dong Ferry Co., Ltd as Overseas Investment Incorporation
ㆍ1990.12. 6. Established Dong Hwa Food Co., Ltd. by theintroduction of foreign capital
ㆍ1993.10.16. Established Weihai Weidongri Comprehensive Foodstuff Co., Ltd as overseas investment company
ㆍ1995.11. 2 Established Weihai Dong Won Food Co., Ltd
ㆍ1996. 5.31 Chairman Yoon-Kook Wang was awarded with Silver Tower Industry Medal on the First Ocean’s Day
ㆍ1996.11.22 Listed in KSE
ㆍ1996.11.26 Established San Won LTD. as overseas investment company
ㆍ1997.11.30 Awarded with 50 Million Export Tower on the Day of Trading
ㆍ1998. 4.16 Completed Freezing Warehouse San Won LTD. in New Zealand
ㆍ1998. 5.26 Completed Weihai Dong Won Food Co., Ltd, Chinese Investment Incorporation (Invested U$10,000,000)
ㆍ2002.10.16 Manufacturing Method of Tangleweed noodle and Kombu mixed food (Chinese Patent ZL98110405.3)
ㆍ2004. 4.20 Established You Wang Co.,Ltd. in Busan
ㆍ2004. 7.15 Merged with Dong Hwa Food Co., Ltd with wholly-owned
ㆍ2005.7.2 Completed 2nd Factory of Weihai Dong Won Food Co., Ltd
ㆍ2010.5.10 Established foreign investment corporation WEIHAI YK TRADING Co., Ltd. in China
ㆍ2010.10.1 Developed food business division.
ㆍ2011.6.20 Acquired HACCP certificate
ㆍ2011.10.7 Established Yoon Kook Food Co., Inc.
ㆍ2012.1.5 Established YK Food Service, a joint venture company, with Plenus Co., Ltd. a Japanese company.
ㆍ2015.07.29 2015.07.29Established DW NEW ZEALAND LTD.
ㆍ2018.10.19 Weihai Dong Won Food attractedUS$5,000,000 investment from Japan’s largest lunchbox franchise company Plenus
ㆍ2021.04.12 Integrated the head office –factory in Busan
ㆍ2023.01.01 Established Yoo wang food Co., Ltd.
SEOUL OFFICE : 38, Dongmak-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea / Tel : 02)528-8000 / Fax : 02-564-1300 / E-mail :
BUSAN FACTORY : 685, Eulsukdo-daero, Saha-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea / Tel : 051-201-1212 / Fax : 051-202-1215
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