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- Dong Won and Weihai City Shipping Association Co., Ltd took a leading role in establishing car ferry business between Korea and China in 1990.
- Dong Won and 6 other Korean investors hold a 50% share and 2 Chinese investors hold the other 50%. . The name Wei Dong Ferry, is a combination of “Wei” of Weihai City, and Dong from Dong Won.
- The ferry business began with the New Golden Bridge II (2), a luxury car ferry vessel(27,000TON). The ship shuttled back and forth between Inchoen and Weiahi, 3 times per week.
- The Golden Bridge V (5), a new ferry, was introduced in May 1995 and has shuttled back and forth between Incheon and Qingdao 3 times per week

▶ Main corporate history
1990.07 : Both countries made agreement regarding with a Korean-Chinese joint ferry venture
1990.08 : Established Wei Dong Ferry Co.Ltd, a Korean-Chinese joint venture.
1990.09 : Set up the first sea route for car ferry between Incheon and Weihai
1993.08 : Set up a new car ferry route between Incheon and Qingdao.
2000.01 : Introduced NEW GOLDEN BRIDGE Ⅱ(27,000G/T) (3 times/week)
2004.01 : Introduced NEW GOLDEN BRIDGE V (30,000G/T) (3t imes/week)
2007.06 : Opened joint container ship service (Pyung-taek, Qingdao, Shidao)